Product Special storage


Use of the day and night temperature differences

with an optimal air conditioning from 16° to 26° C:

Product Air Application
  • perfect for room cooling, whether house, apartment or storage room
  • Compatible with all common ventilation systems
  • easy assembly, quick maintenance and easy cleaning
  • no additional energy input and extra refrigerant needed
  • Environmentally friendly air conditioning and room cooling in summer
  • Inorganic and organic PCMs can be used
  • small CO2 footprint with low energy consumption


For a perfect room temperature

in all buildings from residential houses to large warehouses –  with any temperature in the air application through heatStaxx Air & with specially designed aluminum CSM panels.

All advantages at a glance

  • Heat Storage and Cold Storage for Room Air Conditioning
  • Air conditioning with smallest temperature differences
  • Minimum pressure drop, maximum heat transfer
  • Cooling with night air
  • Heating with solar air collectors
  • Heat recovery in ventilation systems
  • Security cooling for data centers

The airBoxx and PhaseCube systems are equipped with different PCM plates depending on the desired application temperature, thus ensuring an optimum room temperature.

The PhaseCube

The PhaseCube consists of a stable and well insulated EPP cube and contains several of Rubitherm’s developed special aluminum CSM panels, which in turn contain PCM.
Product Air Application

Cold air is passed through the ventilation system at night and the cold is stored thanks to the phase change material. The next day, when warm outside air is drawn in, the cold is released to the air particles, making the air leaving the room at a comfortable temperature.

The PhaseCube can also be used to support existing plants in an environmentally friendly manner.

Product information / Prices

Product information / Prices