Product Special storage

Product PV-Heat

Layered storage loading

10 sun hours

Product PV-Heat
  • No conventional reheating necessary
  • Memory is charged to 100%
  • Result: plus 20% Storage capacity

PV-Heat: Heating rod + powerReducer

Product PV-Heat
Product PV-Heat

Control of the heating elements depending on the power fed into the grid (thus no purchase from the grid – unlike other systems that switch depending on the PV power).


Store your own electricity optimally & use it for yourself

Use of PV energy and electrothermal heat for
Single and multi-family houses with powerreducer & energy meter

All advantages at a glance

The electrothermal stations convert excess electricity from a photovoltaic system into heat. This is measured and controlled by the powerReducer( energy management system ). The stratified loading of the storage tank ensures optimum storage and use of the energy.

  • Energy storage in thermal accumulators with significantly higher Storage capacities than in batteries. Storage capacity: 1000 liters, 20 at 70°C = 58 kWh
  • Universal use – can also be retrofitted for post-EEG systems
  • Self-consumption share of up to 90% due to priority household electricity and thermal storage/utilization
  • Layer loading of Buffer storage with constant loading temperature 70°C

powerReducer- Increase self-consumption

The offered solution allows to measure the power fed into the grid and redirect it to a resistive load with a maximum power of 3 kW, increasing the self-consumption.

Product PV-Heat

Self-consumption kit 3 kW
consisting of a 3-phase energy meter and power electronics for connection to a 1-phase standard 3 kW heating element, such as heating rods or the eTherm C3, optionally available with heating rod.

PV-Heat Produktinformation und Preise

Product information / Prices


Eigenstrom optimal speichern & für sich nutzen

Nutzung von PV-Energie und elektrothermischer Wärme für
Ein- und Mehrfamilienhäuser mit powerReducer & Energiezähler

Alle Vorteile im Überblick

Die elektrothermischen Stationen wandeln überschüssigen Strom aus einer Photovoltaikanlage in Wärme um. Dies wird durch den powerReducer ( Energiemanagement-System ) gemessen und geregelt. Dabei sorgt die Schichtbeladung des Speichers für ein optimale Bevorratung und Nutzung der Energie.

  • Energiespeicherung in Wärmespeichern mit deutlich höheren Speicherkapazitäten als in Batterien.
    1000 Liter, 20 auf 70°C = 58 kWh
  • Universeller Einsatz – auch nachrüstbar für Post-EEG Anlagen
  • Eigenverbrauchsanteil bis zu 90% durch vorrangigen Haushaltsstrom und thermische Speicherung/Nutzung
  • Schichtbeladung von Pufferspeichern mit konstanter Beladetemperatur 70°C